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A Blueprint for a Sustainable FutureA Blueprint for a Sustainable Future Additional InformationA Blueprint for a Sustainable Future Additional Information Summary
A Blueprint for a Sustainable Future ExercisesA Generalized Expression of Discretization SchemesAbbreviations and Acronyms
Absolute TemperatureAbsorption, emission and scattering from a medium
Absorptivity and emissivity of dielectrics and other materialsAbsorptivity and emissivity of metal and deposited coating on metalsAcid Rain
AdsorptionAdvantages and DisadvantagesAffluence
Air Conditioners and RefrigeratorsAir Pollution StandardsAir Pollution from Combustion Sources
Air Pollution from Combustion SummaryAir Pollution from Combustion Summary ExercisesAir Quality Index
AircraftsAlgebraic Models for Eddy Diffusivity
Analogies and differences in different transport phenomenaAnnular Heat PipeAnnular Space between Concentric Cylinders and Spheres
Application and exploitation of radiative propertiesApplication areas for thermal-fluids
Application of Computational MethodsApplications
Applications of near-field radiative transferApplications of radiative transfer
Atmospheric phenomena caused by scatteringAtomsAveraging approaches
Averaging formulation of governing equationsBBasic (Fluid Mechanics)
Basics (Combustion)Basics of Boltzmann statistical averaging
Basics of Chemical Vapor DepositionBasics of Computational Fluid Dynamics and Numerical Heat Transfer
Basics of Multiphase Systems
Basics of Near-Field Thermal RadiationBasics of Thermodynamics
Basics of boilingBasics of condensationBasics of evaporation
Basics of governing equationsBasics of heat and mass transferBasics of heat conduction
Basics of internal forced convectionBasics of natural convectionBasics of porous media
Battery-operated Electric Vehicles (BEV)Binding EnergyBiochemical Conversion
Bioheat equationBiomass EnergyBiomass Energy Exercises
Biomass Energy OverviewBiomass Energy SummaryBiomedical engineering
BiotechnologyBlack body
Blackbody fraction for radiationBlueprint for a Sustainable FutureBoiling
Boiling in Porous MediaBoiling in Porous Media Heated from BelowBoltzmann Equation
Boltzmann Statistical AveragingBoltzmann statistical averagingBoltzmann transport equation
Boundary conditions at solid-liquid interfaceBoundary layer
Boundary layer approximationsBoundary layer theory
Bubble DetachmentBubble DynamicsBubble Growth Within Superheated Liquid Droplets
Capillary-Driven Heat Pipe
Capillary Pumped Loop Heat PipeCapillary Wick Designs and Structures in Heat PipesCapillary pressure
Carbon CycleCarnot CycleCentral Difference Scheme
Chaos and DisorderChapter 8: Air Pollution from Combustion SourcesCharged Ignition (Diesel) Engines
Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)Chemical Vapor Deposition in Barrel ReactorChemical Vapor Deposition in Horizontal Reactor
Classical Nusselt EvaporationClassification of Evaporation
Classification of PDEsClassification of boilingClassification of boundary conditions
Classification of melting and solidificationClassifications of PDE and boundary conditions
Closed systems with compositional changeCoalCohesion and adhesion
Combating Global WarmingCombustionCombustion Efficiency
Combustion of Fossil FuelsComparison of MFM and MMM modelsCompetition
Complex gratingsCompressed Air
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Numerical Heat Transfer (NHT)Computational methodologies for forced convection
Concepts and Notations for Two-Phase FlowConcluding RemarksConclusions
Condensate Removal by Forced Vapor Flow in Microgravity EnvironmentCondensationCondensation Removal by Capillary Action
Condensation Removal by a Centrifugal FieldConduction
Configuration factorConfiguration factor algebraConfiguration factor relations
ConfigurationsConsequences of Global WarmingConservation of Energy
Conservation of energy at interfaceConservation of mass at interfaceConservation of mass species at interface
Conservation of mass species equationConservation of momentum at interfaceContact Angles
Contact angle and wettabilityContemporary applications and research of radiative properties
Contemporary topics in thermal-fluidsContinuity equationContinuum Approach for Interfaces and Free Surfaces
Continuum flow limitationsControl-Based LegislationControl and Prevention
ConvectionConvection-diffusion problems
Convection in microchannelsConvective Heat Transfer.
Convective heat transfer
Cost-Benefit AnalysisCost of Living Adjustment (COLA)Coupled thermal and concentration entry effects
Critical Droplet Radius for Dropwise CondensationCritical Heat FluxCritical Heat Flux (CHF)
Defining EnergyDescription of turbulenceDesign Considerations
Developing flowDielectric functions for near-field thermal radiationDifferential formulation of governing equations
Dimensional analysisDimensional analysis and similaritiesDimensionless Parameters
Dimensionless parameters for natural convectionDirect BurningDirect contact evaporation
Direct numerical simulation (DNS)Direct numerical simulation of film boiling
Discretization methodsDisjoinig PressureDisposal of Nuclear Wastes
DistributionDoubling Time and Exponential Growth
Dropwise condensationDropwise condensation formation theoriesDual-Phase Lag (DPL) model
Dyadic Green’s function for near-field thermal radiationEconomic ImpactsEconomics of Energy
Economics of Energy Additional InformationEconomics of Energy ExercisesEconomics of Energy Overview
Economics of Energy SummaryEconomics of Nuclear PowerEconomics of the Environment
Economics of the Environment Additional InformationEconomics of the Environment ExercisesEconomics of the Environment Summary
Editorial BoardEffect of surface tension on condensation in porous media
Effects of Interfacial Tension GradientsEffects of Noncondensable Gas on Film CondensationEffects of Nuclear War
Effects of the Air PollutantsEfficiency
Efficiency StandardElectric PropulsionElectrical Circuits and Power
Electrical Power GenerationElectrical SafetyElectrically Conductive Plastics
ElectricityElectricity Additional InformationElectricity Exercises
Electricity Infrastructure in the United StatesElectricity SummaryElectricity and Magnetism
Electromagnetic waves and thermal radiation
Emissions from Electric and Fuel Cell CarsEmissions from Internal Combustion EnginesEnergy
Energy: Past, Present, and FutureEnergy: Past, Present, and Future SummaryEnergy Heat Transfer
Energy RadiationEnergy Supply and Energy Demand
Energy ThermodynamicsEnergy and the EnvironmentEnergy equation
Energy storageEnergy streamlinesEnthalpy and energy
EntropyEntropy equationEnvironmental Concerns
Environmental Issues in Developing CountriesEnvironmental LegislationEquilibrium
Equilibrium and stability of single-phase systemsEquilibrium criteria for pure substances
Eulerian approachEvaporation
Evaporation from Cylindrical Pore under High Heat FluxEvaporation from Cylindrical Pore under Low to Moderate Heat FluxEvaporation from Inverted Meniscus in Porous Media
Evaporation from adiabatic wallsEvaporation from wavy laminar falling filmEvaporation in an Inclined Microchannel
Evaporation in porous mediaEvaporation inside microchannelsEvaporation of a Liquid Droplet in a Hot Gas
Evaporation of a Liquid Jet in a Pure VaporExact solutions of melting and solidification problems
Experimental observations of near-field radiative energy transferExponential and Power Law SchemesExternal Natural Convection
External Natural Convection from Heated Vertical PlateExternal forced convection
External turbulent flow/heat transferFabrication and testing of heat pipes
Fabry-Perot optical cavitiesFactors Affecting Global WarmingFalling Film Evaporation on a Heated Wall
Film BoilingFilm Boiling AnalysisFilm Boiling Analysis in Porous Media
Film Evaporation from Wedge or Cone in a Porous MediumFilm condensation in porous media
Film condensation on cylinders and spheresFilm condensation with vapor motionFilm evaporation
Filmwise condensationFilmwise condensation in a stagnant pure vapor reservoir
Finding ResourcesFirst Law of ThermodynamicsFission
FlameFlooding or entrainment limit
Flow Regimes in Horizontal and Vertical TubesFlow condensation in micro- and minichannelsFlow evaporation and boiling in micro- and minichannels
Flow patterns of liquid-vapor (Gas) two-phase flowFluctuation-dissipation theoremFluid Flow Effect in Pore/Slots during Evaporation
Fluid mechanicsFood Chain and Food Web
Forced convection in microchannelsForced convective boilingForced convective condensation
Formation of and heat transfer through thin liquid filmsFossil FuelsFossil Fuels Exercises
Fossil Fuels SummaryFossil ResourcesFree Boundary Flow
Free boundary flowFrictional Pressure Drop Models for Two-Phase FlowFrictional pressure drop correlations based on the separated flow model
Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCV)Fuel cellsFuels
Fully-developed flow and heat transfer
Fully-developed internal turbulent flowFully Developed Flow with Developing Temperature ProfileFully Developed Laminar Flow and Temperature Profile
Fundamentals of EnergyFundamentals of heat pipesFundamentals of near-field thermal radiation
Fundamentals of statistical thermodynamicsFundamentals of turbulence