Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer

Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer
Authors:Amir Faghri, Yuwen Zhang, John Howell
Publisher:Global Digital Press

Key Features

  • All relevant advanced heat and mass transfer topics in heat conduction, convection, radiation, and multi-phase transport phenomena, are covered in a single textbook, and are explained from a fundamental point of view.
  • The book presents the generalized integral, differential, and average formulations for the governing equations of transport phenomena.
  • The book employs a top-down approach. For example, it emphasizes the basic physics of the problem by beginning with a general governing equation and reducing it for the particular problem.
  • Rather than being contained in an individual chapter, mass transfer is integrated throughout the book.
  • Modern applications of heat and mass transfer, e.g. nanotechnology, biotechnology, energy, material processing etc., are emphasized via examples and homework problems.
  • The foundations of the numerical approach are discussed, so as to ensure that students understand the basis and limitations of these methods.
  • Topics which are lacking in most other books are integrated into colloquial; e.g. porous media, micro-scale, heat transfer, and multi-phase, multi-component systems.
  • The book presents all forms of phase changes, including boiling, condensation, melting, solidification, sublimation, and vapor deposition from one perspective in the context of the fundamental treatment.
  • The molecular approach to describe the transport phenomena is also discussed, along with the connection between the microscopic and molecular approaches.

Heat and mass transfer can be encountered in many applications ranging from design and optimization of traditional engineering systems, such as heat exchangers, turbine, electronic cooling, heat pipes, and food processing equipment, to emerging technologies in sustainable energy, biological systems, security, information technology and nanotechnology. The purpose of this textbook is to present the subject of heat and mass transfer with a focus on the significant advances in the field in the last decade, while emphasizing the basic, fundamental priciples. It provides advanced, relevant materials in heat and mass transfer in a single volume for undergraduate senior and graduate students instead of relying upon several books.

Engineering students in a wide variety of engineering disciplines--from mechanical and chemical to biomedical and materials engineering--must master the principles of heat and mass transfer as an essential tool in analyzing and designing any system or systems wherein heat and mass are transferred. This textbook was developed to address that need, with a clear presentation of the fundamentals, ample problem sets to reinforce that knowledge, and tangible examples of how this knowledge is put to use in engineering design. Professional engineers, too, will find this book invaluable as reference for everything from traditional to emerging heat and mass transfer system.

Contents: Introduction; Generalized Governing Equations; Heat Conduction; External Convective Heat and Mass Transfer; Internal Convective Heat and Mass Transfer; Natural Convection; Condensation and Evaporation; Boiling; Fundamentals of Thermal Radiation; Heat Transfer by Radiation.