Energy and the Environment: Sources, Technologies, and Impacts

Energy and the Environment: Sources, Technologies, and Impacts
Authors:Reza Toossi
Publisher:VerVe Publishers

The text "Energy and the Environment: Sources, technologies, and impacts," is conceived and written at a level suitable for use as an introductory undergraduate textbook in energy and environment for students with no or little mathematics or science background. The 515-page text covers energy fundamentals, renewable (wind, wave, solar, geothermal, etc), and non-renewable (fossil and nuclear) energy sources, and their political and environmental implications. Economical aspects of energy and the environment are also discussed in some details. Finally, to make it appropriate for the engineering and science students, additional technical details are included within information boxes placed throughout the book, and accompanying appendices.

The second edition (May, 2009) is now available and covers the new technologies in various renewable energy fields. All graphs, charts, and tables have been updated to reflect the latest data on energy resources, energy-efficient appliances, and recent successes and failures in curbing the greenhouse gas emissions.