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Thermal-FluidsPedia is run as part of Thermal-Fluids Central operated by the Global Digital Central. It is a comprehensive free reference for professionals and students requiring information on thermal and fluids science and engineering. All articles contented in Thermal-FluidsPedia are authored and continuously updated by registered contributors and editors. To ensure that the encyclopedia remains a high-quality and accurate source of information, all changes or new additions are closely monitored by the Editorial Board.

The objective of Thermal-FluidsPedia is to create the ultimate free online references for thermal and fluids science and engineering. Unlike traditional printed handbooks that are written by a few authors and can become dated easily, the Thermal-FluidsPedia is written collaboratively and constantly updated by contributors around the globe. If you would like to share your knowledge and expertise with your fellow scientists, engineers, and students, please join us to contribute today. The combined knowledge and expertise from the editors around the globe will allow us to create the ultimate reference for thermal and fluids science and engineering, which is a task that no single author would be able to write on his/her own. The content of Thermal-FluidsPedia is absolutely free and belongs to the global community of scientists and engineers in thermal and fluids science and engineering. For more information about copyrights of the contents of Thermal-FluidsPedia, please see the copyrights page.

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