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Real Name: Mohammad Faghri, Ph.D. Professor

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Dr. Faghri is internationally known for his work in Computational Fluid Dynamics and for his experimental research on fluid flow and heat transfer in micro scale devices. He has published over 200 articles in the journals of thermal sciences, including the ASME Journal of Heat Transfer, Numerical Heat Transfer and International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer.

He is the author or editor of six books on a wide range of topics: heat exchangers, modeling of thermal processes, heat and fluid flow in microscale and nanoscale structures, heat transfer in gas turbine, modeling and simulation of turbulent heat transfer and transport phenomena in fuel cells. He has been on the editorial boards of four journals (Journal of Heat Transfer Research, International Journal of Heat Exchangers, Int. J. of Dynamics of Fluids, International Journal of Science and Technology and the ASME Journal of Heat Transfer).

Dr. Faghri is the recipient of 2004 ASME Heat Transfer Memorial Award (the most prestigious national award in the field of heat transfer), a Fellow of ASME and was selected as the Jubilee (150th Anniversary) Professor at the Chalmers University and Wenner-Gren Foundation Fellow at Lund Institute of Technology, both in Sweden. His sponsored research has been under the auspices of NSF, NASA, the US Army, IBM and Ford Motor Company. His research interests include microfluidics experiments and Direct Simulation Monte Carlo in micro-channels and solidification and melting in low gravity. He is currently the principal investigator of a NASA research grant for 460K on Phase Change in Low and Jittering Gravity Environment and the principal investigator and the project director of 2.37 million dollars NSF research grant for five years starting 2005 on Micro-fluidic Technology and Applications.