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M. El-Bayoumi, A. M. Abouel-Fotouh, Amal El Berry
Frontiers in Heat and Mass Transfer (FHMT) 20 - 8 (2023)


Ram pumps are well known for their employment of renewable energy in the form of water head to pump water as well as their environmentally friendly operation. On the other hand, they would exhibit performance sensitivity to running conditions and require on-site testing. The current research aims at developing a lab-scale testing system for small ram pumps. This system should facilitate performance evaluation of small-sized ram pumps at different running conditions as well as checking it for leak. It would, reduce the need of ram pump’s on-site testing and performance evaluation. The developed system has a 200 liters tank for water supply and a basin for pump discharges. In our innovative system, water is continually pumped from the basin to the feed tank to guarantee a fixed supply head. The system is fitted with electronic flow meters, pressure gauges, electric pump, auxiliary valves, pipes, hoses and a variable delivery head arrangement. For the purpose of testing system’s evaluation, a low-cost small sized ram pump was built using specially selected plumping components. The ram pump’s performance was evaluated using the testing system. The results demonstrated the capacity of the developed testing system to evaluate ram pumps’ performance at different running conditions.

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ISSN: 2151-8629